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gods from outer space, sexy sfr, poking fun (pun intended), SPACE SNARK™


February 27 and 28th Rowena Cherry's "Knight's Fork" interview with Don MacCauley is playing on http:/​/​​ Talking about why HRH The Duke of Edinburgh called Rowena Cherry a cow; whether any of Rowena Cherry's sexy chess titles ever backfired; and about her titles.


March 2nd

Rowena Cherry hosts the EPIC-Award nominated "Crazy Tuesday" internet radio show on the first Tuesday of every month.

For details visit http:/​/​ and look for Rowena Cherry or for Crazy Tuesday.

On Tuesday March 2nd, from 2.00 pm Eastern Time until 4.00 pm Rowena Cherry will be discussing ebook piracy horror stories and more with power agent Richard Curtis, and authors Carly Carson and Brenna Lyons....and perhaps a surprise guest.

Selected Works

Fiction, novella, e-book only
Mating Net
The first "Mating" story in the series details the worst mistake in an ambitious young royal bride's life. She went to bed with the wrong royal.
Fiction: SFR
Forced Mate
"This delightful romp has everything a romantic heart could hope for: a powerful but tender prince, a wily warrior princess, enough imperial intrigue to confuse even the CIA, and a British mercenary valet who ranks among the funniest characters ever to grace the written page. Better yet, it has a sequel."
–Em Sky
Futuristic/Fantasy Romance
Insufficient Mating Material
"What a fantastic read! A book full of possibilities, humor, intrigue and action. I loved it! I always knew survival had many erotic and exciting possibilities. Rowena Cherry proved it with Insufficient Mating Material!”
Futuristic Romance
Knight's Fork
"A world of intrigue and a hero who knows how to handle a weapon…"
–Susan Kearney, Bestselling Author of Solar Heat

"I have never laughed so hard in my life…"
–Rose, Romance at Heart

"Rowena Cherry is a brilliant writer. Blending humor and romance is much harder than most people believe and she does it effortlessly."
–Sarah Gentili,

"If you haven't read one of Rowena's novels, I highly recommend them. She is one of the wittiest writers I know."
–Joy Nash, USA Today Bestselling Author of Immortals: The Awakening

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